Calling All Artists!

Hi Friends!

I am curating a collection of paintings of the horses I’ve rescued over the last five years. I’ve done 7 paintings myself, one of my volunteers painted one, and I have three more artists working on 3 horse portraits. I’ve saved the lives of more than 50 horses in the last five years, and hope to commemorate each one in any form of art with the intention of showing them at a local gallery. Each horse will have a placquard with the Artist’s name, the Horse’s name and a QR code which will take you to that horse’s page all about their rescue story and video and pictures of that horse. The hope is to sell the art to raise money for the sanctuary, as well as encourage locals to donate time, money and supplies for the horses we still care for. If you would like to participate, please e-mail me at so I can send you photos of the horses who still need a portrait done.


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