Tier 1 – Heart of Gold
  • Full Strip Dances Daily, Uncensored and Uncut Lingerie Try On Hauls, Sexy Story Time, Bath Tubbing and Scrub-a-Dubbing, Nude Cooking Lessons and MORE!

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I post updates about the horses accompanied by my gift to you, videos of my sexy hobby of making nude dancing videos! You will find hundreds of videos of me dancing in vintage dresses to classic records on my Victrola record player. During each full length song, I strip my outer.. and under garments until I am finally nude by the end of the song for the big reveal! You will also get to see my years of work as a nude model for some of the best photographers in the world! I’ve extended this tier to include all of my adult story telling, where I tell all my stories from my crazy days as a Stripper+ for various Biker gang clubhouses around the bay area, yes, including the Hell’s Angels who were actually the most respectful of all the gangs! You’ll also see UNCENSORED and UNCUT lingerie try on hauls, nude cooking lessons and naked bath time! So much naked fun!

Tier 2 – Pussy Power
  • Besides having fun access to all the previous tier community pages, you will also be updated DAILY with ultra sexy very up-close and intimate POV in your face dance videos, as if your eyes and my butt are at the same level.

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I know, I know.. You’re ready to join my most popular tier. Each video lasts for an entire song and yes, I always find a way to get fully naked, as is my art and joy! Just try not to smile ;^) You will also have the viewing pleasure of my more risqué nude shoots that you won’t find anywhere else. Because no where else allows them.. Enjoy!

Tier 3 – Director’s Cut
  • Join Tier 3 and not only will you have access to the all the content from Tier 1 and Tier 2, but you will also get to see an additional 2 weekly videos of a very intimate nature, which are not available anywhere else! Immediate access to 1,000 full length videos!

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You are also welcome to choose one of your favorite songs per month to which I will do an ultra sexy up close and sensual lap dance, and a personalized shout out. Enjoy! Thank you for your generous support of Heart of Gold Sanctuary.

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