Bleeding Heart

I doubt you guys will read this BUT I am reminding you that a few months ago I switched from 7 Tiers of services and condensed them all into just 3 tiers so there would be less confusion and more content for everyone.

The Old Tiers 1, 2 and 3 are now all available as TIER 1 – Heart of Gold

The Old Tiers 1 through 4 are now all available under TIER 2 – Pussy Power

The Old Tiers 1 through 7 are now all available under TIER 3 – Director’s Cut.

TIER 3 is the top tier! I made a mistake when setting my tier access and accidentally allowed the Pussy Power Tier to see the top tier content for a few months. You LUCKY sons of.. lovely mothers. I started filming ultra sexy orgasm videos for my top tier instead of offering custom videos for the Director’s Cut top tier.

I realize that everyone who was paying for Pussy Power but accidentally accessing Director’s Cut is now pissed that I have fixed my mistake and they aren’t able to see the elusive exclusive Top Tier videos anymore. You guys, you were given a gift, and if you really must see the Top Tier content then please upgrade to Tier 3, which is the Top Tier.

I’m not sure how I can make that easier to understand, but I am getting about 5 messages a day from very upset customers because they got used to the free top tier content, and now cannot see it without paying for the top tier, as it was always supposed to be. I would like to remind you that I’m only creating these videos to support my Horse Rescue. I recently took a leap of faith and rented a 50 acre ranch and brought in 8 new horses to care for, now supporting 21 horses. I was never going to film the type of content that is now on the top tier, and it was actually a very big decision for me that I only made so that I could save more horses. Please understand that I am not being mean or taking anything away from you, and that truly, you were very lucky to be able to see things you weren’t paying for. If you would like to see the Top Tier videos, please be kind back to me and help support Heart of Gold Sanctuary by paying for the videos you want to see. I know you are frustrated because you got used to seeing the top tier content while paying for mid tier. I apologize for my mistake and I hope you will stick with me as I need your support more now than ever before. I went from $0/month rent to $7,600/month rent, no utilities included! I am really pushing myself every day and I hope you can understand that I really believe I deserve to be paid the prices I set for the different levels of content I create.

Thank you,


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