Agent Provocateur Try On Haul

Excellent news everyone! My power is finally back on after 3 days. The first thing I did was take a nice hot shower, and even though it was just the dinky little tiny shower in my trailer home, it was the best I’d ever had. For the last four days I have been wading through flood waters, moving the horses to higher ground, trying to find all our washed away things, trying to build up some dry ground for the horses, and finding the shelters I just built last week had blown away and that “Extra Heavy Duty Steel Frame” was really not so extra and two of the shelters steel frames literally ripped apart! Today, I’ll be running around replacing our lost shelters with something hopefully much better. I will work as quickly as I can so I can get to filming in my studio again as it finally has power, yay! See you guys soon, and thanks for your patience and your support. It’s been a very, very expensive storm, and I haven’t been able to work selling dresses for nearly a week, so if anyone has the ability to donate a little extra this month, me and the horses would greatly appreciate it! You can donate directly at

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