Riding Rosa

Well today started so beautifully! I even got to canter in the pasture on Rosa, and my friends Aisha, whom I often talk about and whom you know because she takes all my photos (, got on after me and it was her second time riding. So the saddle unfortunately slipped sideways while she was cantering and she took a fall right on her wrist I took her to the Urgent Care and they said it was too severe so I took her to the ER and after 4 hours they set her bones and decided she needs surgery come Monday. Please send her your most positive, loving, happy, healthy thoughts! She is raising her first baby and taking care of 5 of our rescues at her property. She is an absolute angel and if you sign up for her Patreon you can help her get through this tough time when she suddenly can’t work, AND you can see gorgeous nude photo galleries and videos of me that don’t exist anywhere else, as well as other gorgeous ladies!


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Pretty Lady on a pretty horse. It reminded me of when I was young and used to ride almost every day. My horse was my best friend.

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