Oh my goodness you guys… What a day! I woke up leisurely this morning with oatmeal and ready to start a full day of dancing. As I walk to my studio, my farrier (horse hoof trimmer) texted me this, “I’m 10 minutes away”, which surprised me since I had Conley forgotten we had scheduled the entire herd to get their hooves done today! I have to hold them and make sure they behave white she works under them. My farrier is a rare female farrier, and the absolute best in her trade. We swapped disturbing stripper stories and worked from morning to afternoon. The horses were about 74% good, which compared to the usual 40-60%, was EXCELLENT!

I finished up with the horses and came back to do my hair and makeup so I could get to filming when I got this text, “Hi Suzy, leaving now, see you at the beach soon!”.. My heart skipped a beat, who was coming over and why!? I hadn’t saved the number in my phone so I scrolled up through our previous conversation. He was a photographer I promised to shoot with over a month ago. So many things happen in a month that I would never have been able to remember that! I texted back, “Wonderful, I’m leaving now, see you soon!” and scrambled to get my hair and makeup done. I stole my boyfriend away from helping my parents build their new cottage, and off we raced, to the coast! The photographer went to the wrong beach, and so he had no idea I was late, which was some kind of trickster miracle! Then we ended up having a 3.5 hour, amazing nude beach shoot!!!! I can’t wait to share them all with you! I scared so many beach goers… totally naked on the beach, dancing, kicking, jumping! Now I am so so so sleepy that my phone keeps hitting me on the face because I’m involuntarily falling asleep and this is a lot to type!

So, with that, goodnight. Dream BIG!

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