Welcome to Heart of Gold Sanctuary!

Oh me oh my.. I was SO READY to film yesterday and our power was out all day which meant NO internet… there is still no internet at my house in the redwoods forest so I drove out to town this morning so I could update all you fine people. I do have electricity at home as of this morning, but still no internet! So I’m heading back home after my Brazilian wax for a full fun day of filming! Guess what I got in the mail??? 10 pairs of beautiful stockings… Yes I’m going to have a stockings fashion show today! I will drive back into town this evening to post the videos I make today, but for now a year of one of my new (to me, but actually 1950s Vintage) nightgown with the most daring (for the time!) Underboob display! I usually am able to put the link on the cover image, but I’m working on my phone while the internet is down, so please click here


Meet my bad boys. This is the naughty crew. Later this evening you’ll also meet the minis and tomorrow you’ll meet the giants and the layouts and the itsy bitsy baby boy Louie.

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Yay! Sounds like you are up for quite the full plate! Looking forward to all kinds of new stuff.

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